Cesare Pezzi

Italian concert pianist


Why I teach?

“To me the sole hope of human salvation lies in teaching.”
George Bernard Shaw

Piano and Chamber Music teaching have occupied an extremely important part of my musical activities for 10 years. Educating young people in the significance of listening, encouraging them to achieve important goals in their educational path, offering a serious and efficient study method are fundamental principles in my teaching method. At the same time I've always thought the most important goal is to develop the musical identity and personality of the student in the process of making music. Furthermore Chamber Music itself teaches the relevance of listening ourselves and others; that’s why I love Chamber Music!  

 You can find here where I am teaching at the moment: 

Officina della Musica - Ravenna
Via Duino, 9 - 48122 Ravenna (RA), Italy
Phone: (+39) 0544 591323 - (+39) 333 5604711

Istituto Musicale “Arcangelo Corelli” - Cesena
Contrada Dandini, 5 - 47521 Cesena (FC), Italy
Phone: (+39) 0547 28052
(Application for upcoming year closes on September 27th!)


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